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Wholesale Pocket Hand Warmer
Item No: 1518451923
It is selling in great number in England. You don't have to use cigarette lighter to start it and it is very easy to use. This hand warmer uses only lighter fluid like Ronsonol or Zippo that is commonly available in Wal-Mart and 7-Eleven for around $1.99 per bottle of 5 oz. One bottle will last you 250 hours of heat on this hand warmer. You can reuse it over 1000 times. The heating element last over 5000 hours. Electric Start hand warmer features: * Sleek & thin profile, * 60 x 18 x 100 mm compact design (2.36" x 0.71"x3.94"). Constant warmth for up to 25 hours per fill, * Heat up to 75C (167F) * Uses 2 AAA sized batteries for electrical ignition * Economical ON/OFF feature saves fuel * Never need to change the platinum-catalyzed glass fiber platinum catalyst burner The electric start hand warmer is perfect for: * Archery * Snowboarding * Trekking * Camping * Fishing * All Outdoor Sports Hand Warmer comes with case, measuring cup funnel for filling, 2 x AAA alkaline batteries and instructions. It is an excellent gift item. 1 year manufacturer warranty.
Product Name: Pocket Hand Warmer
Item No: 152339610
Application method: 1. Wrest the metal plate until the inner liquid becomes lens. 2. Knead the bag until it is soft. 3. Put the bag on the body. Reuse method: 1. Cook water in boiler, and put a piece of cloth on the bottom of the boiler. 2. Until the lens melted. 3. Make sure the lens has been melted completed, and the therapy bag is transparent. 4. Take out the therapy bag and put it on cloth until it is cool. 5. When it is cool, it can be reused. Caution: 1. Can not be heated in the microwave woven directly. 2. Should be cautious if the skin is sensitive. 3. Little children can use this product under parents` supervision. 4. Only for external use. If the packing is damaged and the eyes and skin get touch with the inner liquid, wash with clean water.
Product Name: Pocket Hand Warmer
Item No: 152330872
Mini heat pack provides warmth and pain relief for your body. It also can be carried on day trips and away matches where conventional hot packs are not practical. When removed from the packaging, the air activated warmers come to life for instant heat! When placed inside the secret sock pocket, they will generate soothing heat for up to 12+ hours+ Ideal for use when fishing, hunting, skiing, or sitting around the camp fire.
Item No: 841413284
Heating Pad Pocket Warmer and LED Flashlight with 58°C Operating Temperature Key Specifications/Special Features: Features: Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry Built-in Li-Pol battery 3.7V/2,500mAh 3.5hrs charging for 7.5hrs heating duration Even temperature at about 58 degree Celsius Overheat and overcharge protection 2-LED flashlight for 100 hrs duration Environmentally friendly, all material and production process meets European lead-free standard Accessories: Neck strap Pouch bag AC adapter
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