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Wholesale Instant Heat Packs
Item No: 152257482
Heart, Instant, Reusable, Cold, Hot, Refrigerate, Metal Disc, Bent Disc Activation, Crystallize, Hot Water Submerse, 4"x3-1/2"x1/4" Color(s): Pink, Red Packaging: White Gift Box Imprint Area: 2"x2" Front/ Back
Item No: 15233321
Product Name: Instant Heat Pack
Item No: 152255373
Instant, Reusable, Warm, Rectangle, Bend, Metal Disk, Crystallized, Heated, Boil, Liquid, 2-1/3"x4"x1/4" Color(s): Blue Packaging: White Gift Box Imprint Area: 3"x2" Front/ Back
Item No: 1522494693
Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat Packs provide therapeutic pain relieving heat in seconds and are reusable for a lifetime. All Heat Wave products are portable, so they can be used at home or office, while driving or commuting, or while attending or playing sports. The medium and large rectangular packs can be used for: Ankle, calf, knee, thigh, and back pain General muscle soreness and menstrual cramps EcoFriendly = Cost Savings We tested Heat Wave Instant Reusable Heat packs and stopped counting at 500! You never need to buy another heat pack. If you have been using disposable hand warmers or wraps, you only get one use. Then what? They get tossed in a landfill, with iron metal shavings making their way into the ground water. Then what? You need to continue to shell out more cash every time you need one. Not with Heat Wave. One purchase and you are set for life! Heat Wave Instant Heat Wraps reach a soothing 130 degrees. Instant heat and reusable Large pack heats up in under 60 seconds Lasts several hours under clothing or fabric Reusable 500 times and more Eco-Friendly - reusable - never has to be disposed
Product Name: Instant Hand Warmer
Item No: 1522414110
3" x 5" HEAT PACK. This is a small reusable instant hand warmer that produces substantial heat. This reusable, instant heat pack is designed to replace your instant hand warmer that you normally use and throw away. This reusable hand warmer can also be used as a "hot rock" replacement in massage therapy.
Product Name: HEAT PACKS
Item No: 1522394210
8" x 8" HEAT PACKS are convenient and versatile. Features bendable joints. Multi purpose use and application. Can be used for pain in smaller joints and muscle groups. Multipurpose use and application.
Product Name: Instant Heat Pack
Item No: 1522321396
The 5" x 9" Reusable Heat Pack is convenient and versatile. Features bendable joints for multipurpose use and application. This instant heat pack is especially effective as a baby bottle warmer. If you suffer from any type of muscle pain, throw out your old heating pad because you now have a pack that you can take with you anywhere. From massage therapy to keeping warm in the outdoors, this is a pack that can do it all.
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