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Goose Feather Quill Pens
Product Name:    Goose Feather Quill Pens
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Fancy quill pen measures approximately 14-15". Available in 6 colors. Tip is a convenient ballpoint. This elegant goose feather quill pen set is just for you. With the feathers on the top, you will find more fun when you are writing or working. The feather will attract every one and also with 5 pen nibs, ink. It is a real good gift for your friends. Minimum order production date: 15 days Cikuan pen feathers all the imported swans quality natural wool, dyed mercerized sterilized skim through the rigorous treatment, clean texture, texture-rich, so silky feathers and maintains a permanent luster and elegant qualities innate quality. Quill pen color: select black / dark green / white / pink / Red / Blue / ect.
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