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Pocket Hand Warmer
Product Name:    Pocket Hand Warmer
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Application method: 1. Wrest the metal plate until the inner liquid becomes lens. 2. Knead the bag until it is soft. 3. Put the bag on the body. Reuse method: 1. Cook water in boiler, and put a piece of cloth on the bottom of the boiler. 2. Until the lens melted. 3. Make sure the lens has been melted completed, and the therapy bag is transparent. 4. Take out the therapy bag and put it on cloth until it is cool. 5. When it is cool, it can be reused. Caution: 1. Can not be heated in the microwave woven directly. 2. Should be cautious if the skin is sensitive. 3. Little children can use this product under parents` supervision. 4. Only for external use. If the packing is damaged and the eyes and skin get touch with the inner liquid, wash with clean water.
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