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Sea Star Heating Pads
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Handmade, Fair trade, natural. Microwavable Heating Pad This reusable heating pad can be placed in the abdomen to relieve menstrual cramps or PMS. It gives you warm relief, using moist heat to relieve. This is the new way to replace the old hot water bottle with no use of hot water at all. This product is 100% natural, handmade in Colombia in a sweatshop-free environment by artisans single mothers that have been working with us for many years. This is a family owned business that aims to benefit all the parts involved, offering an amazing and fair trade product made with care from us, thinking in our customers needs. This is the next generation of heating pads: Functional and Beautiful. You will love the colours, choose between pink or orange. This is not a regular and boring heating pad. It looks like a nice and modern pillow that you can use all the time. Perfect and functional gift for yourself or your love one. Uses: Stress relief, relaxation, stress reduction, coping with stress, colic reliever, menstrual cramps, period cramps, PMS and pms symptoms. Alternative names: Heating pad, heart shaped, colic reliever. The Star is available in 2 colours: Orange or Pink
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