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Wholesale Reflective Umbrella
Product Name: Kids Safety Umbrella
Item No: 1229212950941
Children's Safety Umbrella with Reflective Tapes, Made of 190T Nylon and Fiberglass Frame Materials: 190T nylon, fiberglass frame and metal shaft Panel size: 18 x 8 inches Safety reflective promotional umbrella provides and increases safety for people in low-visibility situations in dark during rainy day Auto open and windproof
Product Name: Reflective
Item No: 1229212950681
Reflective Umbrella with Curved EVA and Silver Part Handle in Black Color Specifications: 23 inches x 8 ribs Automatic open umbrella With curved EVA With silver part handle in black color Aluminum shaft(diameter: 14mm), 3.0mm black metal ribs (good quality) Material: 190T pongee (good quality) With reflective band around the brim (width: 5mm inside and outside) Width can change (bigger in 1 or 2cm) Logo printing is available
Item No: 102603165
The reflecting silver trim (DIN EN 471 tested) can be seen from a distance – offering more safety in darkness and bad weather. The canopy has a diameter of 105cm (3ft4") and provides comfortable protection for 2 people. A Teflon? coating repels water and dirt – a quick shake and the umbrella is dry and clean. Opens up and folds down – all at the touch of a button. A strong metallic spring in the telescope tube automatically unfolds the umbrella – and at the touch of a button, rubber springs in the tube close it again. Once collapsed, the spiral spring in the umbrella tautens again and is ready for its next use. Aluminium/fibre glass tube with 8 flexible “windproof” plastic ribs. Strong wind will only bend the umbrella but will never break it. The sporty auto-open plastic handle fits your hand perfectly. Handle in carbon look with carry strap. Canopy: 100 % polyester, Teflon? coated. Colour: Black.Height when open: 61cm (2ft). Weighs approx. 400g (14 oz).
Item No: 102218552417
Exceptionally compact measuring only 1 1/2'' in thickness.Extremely light, only 146 grams - yet still opens to full size. 3 stage manual opening. Acrylic handle. Material: 100% polyester with aluminum/fibreglass frame Colours: Teal Dimensions: 39" arc when open, 9" long when closed
Item No: 102618315647
This Silver Super Cooling Sun Blocking Umbrella will make it feel up to 20 degrees cooler! Umbrella Features Reflective Silver Material, Metal Shaft and Round-Ribbed Straight Wooden Handle.
Product Name: Reflector Blue
Item No: 10220555415
Keep them dry and visible with this cute umbrella that features a reflective strip along one edge of the canopy. As an additional safety benefit this one has big round tips at the end of each rib protecting everyone’s eyes. Diameter 30” Length 27” Material Polyester 100% Handle Plastic
Item No: 10311533333
Style: 21" semi-arc, 8 panels, 3-folding, manual open, zinc-plated frame Canopy / Sheath: 190T pongee with reflective tape Plastic handle
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