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Wholesale Rainbow Umbrella
Item No: 1229212949939
Color changing umbrella with rainbow size: 23"*8 straight color changing umbrella 190T high pongee fabric Nickle electric metal ribs wooden shaft and handle special: The rainbow can change color when meet the water
Product Name: Rainbow Golf
Item No: 1021630577
The Rainbow Golf Umbrella has 16 different colour panels, a real eye catcher if you like to be noticed! A very handy safety runner to protect ones thumb when opening this ornaite, low cost, practical golf umbrella. Black metal shaft, ribs and rubber pistol grip handle complete this wonderful design. Canopy diameter 120cm and overall length 97cm.
Product Name: Rainbow Golf Umbrella
Item No: 10271575711
Rainbow Umbrella
Item No: 1026785517
Product Weight:1.1 pounds Product Dimensions(in inches)23.0 x 2.5 x 2.5
Item No: 10247124663
Unisex 14 rib umbrella with navy outer canopy and pastel rainbow colours under canopy. Outer canopy scalloped slightly to show the rainbow colours at edges both when open and furled. Automatic opening, black metal shaft and ribs Soft touch navy plastic handle Fabric 100% Polyester. Length closed 88cm Span when open approx 100cm Weight 588g
Item No: 10247164035
Ladies walking length rainbow umbrella, with 16 panels of different rainbow colours. Black plastic crook handle Manual metal frame Black metal shaft, 16 ribs, Length 82cm Span when open approx 96cm Weight 380g
Item No: 10302345445
Carry your rainbow with you, and keep yourself cheerful and dry. This collapsible umbrella features a sturdy open/close mechanism, a lightweight aluminum shaft with aluminum/fiberglass frame, and a colorful 100% nylon top. Its windproof construction makes it as practical as it is fun to walk beneath. Size: 37" span
Product Name: Rainbow Mini Umbrella
Item No: 102518111818
Mini Folding umbrella with 16 panels of rainbow colours. Aluminium/fibreglass frame for added flexibility. 3 section aluminium manual frame, 8 ribs with fibreglass tips. Length folded 23cm Span when open approx 92cm Weight 260g
Product Name: Rainbow Mini Umbrella
Item No: 102518141021
Mini folding umbrella with a tropical rainbow print. Aluminium/fibreglass frame for added flexibility. 3 section aluminium manual frame, 8 ribs with fibreglass tips. Length folded 22cm Span when open approx 84cm Weight 270g
Product Name: Rainbow golf umbrella
Item No: 11123385069
Rainbow golf umbrella made from double layer 190T nylon. So attractive! Material: Nylon
Item No: 1121751869
Brighten any child's day with MoMA's Color Spectrum umbrella. The 100% nylon dome displays all the shades of the rainbow in the form of a color wheel. The child-sized umbrella features plastic safety tips and a special, kid-friendly clipless safety frame. Dimensions: 29 1/2" span.
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