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Wholesale Stress Ball
Product Name: Rhino Stress Ball
Item No: 9720192140
Available Color(s): Charcoal. Decoration Method: Pad Printed Imprint Area Size: 4 1/4" x 3" x 2" Dimensions: 1" x 1/2" Material: Polyurethane
Item No: 1229212950897
Your bank will find great success with this promotional ATM Machine Stress Ball. Have it inscribed so that your bank抯 name will be seen in homes and offices everywhere. It makes a great customer appreciation giveaway. Size:4-3/16" x 1-3/4" x 1-7/8" Imprint Area Size: Screen: 1/2" x 3/4"; Top: 1/2" x 1 1/8"; Both Sides: 2" x 1"; Back: 2" x 1" Colors:Grey/white Put a little investment in the customized ATM Machine Stress Ball, and you'll be getting plenty of cash back. We won't even make you memorize a PIN number! Okay, now that we've weeded out the nerds who get angry that ATM Machine actually means Automated Teller Machine Machine and the geeks that freak out that PIN Number translates as Personal Identification Number Number, we can really make a deal. The unbeatable price of the imprinted ATM Machine Stress Ball is sure to make your bank account show you some extra zeros if you know what we mean. Whether your company deals in the financial sector or you want your clients to know that you're a great investment for their cash, the imprinted ATM Machine Stress Ball is here for you. With a large imprint area, clients will get a full dose of your logo while mulling over their bottom line. With the happiness that comes from the relaxation of tension, they won't be able to help themselves: they'll be all over your company in a heartbeat! Make sure your transactions go smoothly with the personalized ATM Machine Stress Ball and Quality Logo Products.
Item No: 1229212950896
Whether you're technically savvy or always searching for the escape button, the custom Computer Stress Ball is a fantastic way to get wired to your customers. Computer repair services and outlets can take advantage of the great design and provide these customized products as giveaways. Any company can personalize the Computer Stress Ball with its URL and important email addresses and hand them out at conventions and grand openings. Download the next great marketing idea when you customize and order the custom Computer Stress Balls from China Wholesale Town. Available Color(s): Red, White, Blue, and Black. Decoration Method: Pad Printed Imprint Area Size: 1" x 1 5/8" Screen Dimensions: 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" x 2 7/8" Material: Polyurethane
Item No: 1229212950890
Just like a real slot machine, our customizable Slot Machine Squeezie is a fun (but much more effective) way of getting a maximum return out of a minimum bet. A sure thing by most accounts, these great promotional products will help your hotel, casino, travel agency and more attract all sorts of positive buzz. Your clients will love to de-stress at home, in the office, in the car (and maybe even during the long flight home) with our Slot Machine Squeezies by tossing, squeezing, or displaying them. They're a win-win for everyone involved! When it comes to great custom advertising, don't play games. Put your money on China Wholesale Town and for a bet that will earn you more than you can imagine! Imprint Area Size: 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Dimensions: 4" x 2 1/4" Material: Polyurethane
Item No: 1229212950861
the original stress relievers. 100's of stock balls and shapes are available along with custom designs per your specifications. Product Size: 4.25" X 1.75" Product Weight: 300 pc. master/18 lbs. Imprint Area: 1.25" x .5"
Item No: 1229212950856
For a stress reliever that's right on the money, consider customizing the Dollar Sign Memo Holder Stress Ball. They're soft, they're affordable and they make great office gifts. Marketing doesn't always need to be subtle. Remind your customers of the great savings they have with you when you give them these personalized Dollar Sign Memo Holder Stress Balls. With this great promotional product customized to fit your needs, you'll be raking in the real dough. Imprint Area Size: 1" x 1/2" Front (Panels). 2" x 3/4" Back Dimensions: 3 1/4" x 2 1/4" x 1" Material: Polyurethane
Item No: 1229212950853
You've heard of "cold, hard" cash, but why not give your clients a slightly friendlier version with customized Dollar Bill Pillow Balls from China Wholesale Town! These warm, fuzzy pillow balls are a great alternative to stress balls, with a bigger size that's good for squeezing, tossing, displaying, and more! Plus, you'll get to put your mouth where your money is when you customize your Dollar Bill Pillow Balls with your logo or slogan They're a great way to really get some bang for your buck! Imprint Area Size: 1 1/2" x 1" Dimensions: 3 1/4" Dia.
Item No: 1229212950846
The money motif makes this custom Money Bag Stress Ball perfect for new financial programs or services. Industries that will use this style include banks, investment brokers and 401K providers. Great for "Don't stress out - let us take care of your money" promotions, this Money Bag Stress Ball can be personalized to fit all types of marketing campaigns. Pull in some extra green by giving some to your loyal and potential clients. You don't need to have bags filled with money in order to afford these squishy promotional products. Besides, after your advertising campaign lifts off, you'll be using these for pillows. Imprint Area Size: 1" x 1 1/8" Front. 1" x 1" Back Dimensions: 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" x 1 3/4" Material: Polyurethane
Item No: 9714291150
Laptop Computer Stress Reliever Ball Decoration Method: Pad Printed Imprint Area Size: 1" x 1 3/4" Screen Dimensions: 3" x 2 1/2" x 3/4" Material: Polyurethane Another system error? Instead of hurling the laptop out the window, try releasing your tension with the custom Laptop Computer Stress Ball. A great promotional product for computer technicians, the custom Laptop Stress Ball can be customized in many different ways. Want to make sure customers have your phone number? No problem. Need to let them know basic computer maintenance steps. We've got it covered. Ctrl+Alt+Del those old marketing campaigns and boot up something fantastic with a custom Laptop Computer Stress Ball.
Product Name: Money Bag Stress Ball
Item No: 9619552859
Whenever the economy might get you down, give these bags of money a squeeze and all your worries will go away!! These handcrafted stress balls are a fun way to promote your company, organization, hospital or school. At the same time, everyone who receives one can squeeze away the stress of everyday life! Hundreds of creative shapes are available to meet the needs of any promotional program. Available Color(s): Green. Decoration Method: Pad Printed Imprint Area Size: 3/4" Sq. Dimensions: 2 1/2" x 4" x 2 1/2" Material: Polyurethane
Item No: 978595120
If you enjoy counting the Benjamins, then you are going to love this imprinted $100 Bill Stress Ball Key Chain. This is the bill that is sure not to leave your wallet or purse! Save money by investing in our customized $100 Bill Stress Ball Keychains. Whoever said that you can't get something for next to nothing was wrong! These bill-shaped stress ball key tags clearly look more expensive than they actually are. Great for banking promotions and fundraisers, the promotional $100 Bill Stress Ball Key Chain is a bankable product with a great future. Fatten your wallet by customizing an amazing product at an extremely low price! Dangle the branded $100 Bill Stress Ball Key Chain in front of your customers and they'll listen to every word you say. Order now and save some bucks! $100 Bill Stress Reliever Ball KeyChain Decoration Method: Pad Printed Imprint Area Size: 1 7/8" x 5/8" Dimensions: 2 5/16" x 1/2" x 1" Material: Polyurethane
Product Name: $100 Bill Stress Ball
Item No: 9616422943
One hundred dollar bill shape stress reliever Decoration Method: Pad Printed Imprint Area Size: 1 3/4" x 1 1/4" Dimensions: 4 1/4" x 2" x 3/8" Material: Polyurethane They say money talks; make it speak volumes for your company with personalized $100 Bill Stress Balls from Quality Logo Products! These outstanding gifts are the perfect way to show your clients and customers that you're willing to go the extra mile to save them some serious dough. Customized $100 Bill Stress Balls come with your logo, slogan or message imprinted for all to see. Give everyone on your list a way to say "in [your business] we trust!" with personalized $100 Bill Stress Balls today!
Item No: 9216271538
Dollar Sign Stress Balls Imprint Method: Pad. Size: 3-1/4 x 2-1/4 x 1. Imprint Area: 2 x 3/4 back, 1 x 1/2 front panels. *Safety Advisory: These products are not intended for use by children under 3 years old or pets. Our Dollar Sign Stress Balls are all made by hand. Most importantly, the purpose of the Dollar Sign Stress Ball is to relieve stress and have fun! Banks and other financially based institutions will enjoy the Dollar Sign Stress Ball to advertise for their newest location or latest promotion. The eye-catching symbol is perfect and will draw any customer toward your promotion. Whether you're in charge of a convention or a grand opening, the Dollar Sign Stress Balls make great giveaways. They're affordable, durable and fully customizable! The Dollar Sign Stress Ball will be an invaluable marketing tool without taking too many of those dollar signs out of your wallet. Customize a Dollar Sign Stress Ball today and add some green to your business.
Item No: 121023243416
It can be very easy to get addicted to gambling, so why chance losing your industry lead with a flimsy promotional product? These logo Slot Machine Stress Balls are safe, high-quality alternatives to those dime-a-dozen giveaway items! If you don't want to take a risk with your company's business plan, perhaps you should look to a promotional product that's tried and true. Our customized Slot Machine Stress Balls can help you get in touch with customers of all ages and provide long-lasting contact information. I'll take those odds any day! Don't take a gamble with fliers that may or may not be tossed out in the trash. Invest in a sure thing with the branded Slot Machine Stress Ball. Hurry, before your luck runs out! Imprint Area Size: 1 1/4" x 1 3/4" Back. 1" x 1/4" Front Dimensions: 3" x 2" x 2" Material: Polyurethane Available Colors: Red/Silver/Black
Item No: 1223484116
These handcrafted Copy Machine Stress Reliever comes custom imprinted with your logo and is made of polyurethane foam. Product Size:3 3/8" x 2 1/4" x 1 3/4" Imprint Area(s):0.50" x 1.25" (Front) Shipping Weight:11 lbs. per 100 Product Material:Polyurethane For a truly unique way to advertise your company, don't turn to regular old copies; give your clients the whole machine with customizable Copy Machine Stress Balls from Quality Logo Products! Whether your company sells copiers or simply rents out their use, you'll certainly magnify and multiply your sales with these great promotional stress relievers! Imprint your polyurethane Copy Machine Stress Balls with your logo or slogan, and your clients and patrons will use them to relieve their stress and connect with your business every day! Personalize your Copy Machine Stress Balls today for a truly original gift that your competition can only hope to duplicate!
Item No: 1120262716
Dollar Sign shaped stress ball. Size: 2 1/2" w x 3 1/2" h. Standard Imprint Area: 1 3/4" w x 1/2" h Diagonal across middle. Optional top and bottom imprint areas also available. Imprint Area(s):0.50" x 1.75" (Diagonal Across Middle) Shipping Weight:10 lbs. per 100 Product Material:Polyurethane Dollar Sign Stress Reliever takes away money worries. Dollar stress ball is a great giveaways for banks, car dealerships, real estate. Dollar Sign Stress Reliever is used for saving money or using it to make money.
Item No: 1229212952323
This cushy phone stand gives your workspace plenty of personality. Then, your phone rests horizontally or vertically in the bottom slot. SIze:9*4.3*6.6CM Material:PU
Item No: 1229212952287
Give them happy, relaxing memories of the beach anywhere with this colorful stress ball! They'll enjoy squeezing this and letting go of stress and tension. Material: Foam Size: 2-3/4" diameter
Product Name: Golf Ball Stress Ball
Item No: 1229212951546
Use this golf ball stress reliever can help take the stress out of a bad shot! Material: Foam Size: 2-1/2" diameter
Item No: 1229212951229
This globe-shaped stress ball features a blue background with multi-colored continents. Your customers and associates can squeeze away stress, fend off finger fatigue and in turn improve productivity. Material: Foam Size: 2-1/2" Dia
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