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Item No: 1229212952680
These custom flashing round light clips are perfect for bicyclists and pedestrians. This flashing light with on/off button in back is sure to get attention. Material: Plastic Flashing LED Batteries: Includes two replaceable button-cell batteries Back clip attachment Size: 1-7/8" Dia
Product Name: Round Reflector Light
Item No: 1229212952679
A durable swivel hook keeps this reflective clip in place while you're out and about. Not only is the tag reflective, but it also includes internal white LED lights for even greater visibility. Material: Plastic Lights: LED Light Setting: Steady and flashing Batteries: Includes two replaceable button-cell batteries Black swivel clip attachment Size: 3/8" H x 2" Dia
Item No: 1229212952678
This promotional key light whistle has an abundance of uses! Equipped with a reflective panel, this customizable key light whistle is a must-have on late-night strolls. Material: Plastic Light: One white LED Push and hold to turn on light Battery: One non-replaceable button cell battery Whistle at one end Reflective top panel Includes chain with key ring Size: 2-3/4" H x 1-1/2" W x 3/8" D
Item No: 1229212952677
Blinking light features a colored plastic case and black swivel clip attachment. Rotate through the three light functions using the button on the back. Material: Plastic Light Color: Red Light Setting: Steady, Slow Flash, Fast Flash Batteries: Includes two replaceable button-cell batteries Black swivel clip attachment Size: 5" H x 2-1/2" Dia
Item No: 1229212950749
This smoke detector works on the principle that infrared scatters in the smoke to probe the smoke which is generated by the incomplete combustion at the initial stage of the fire. The smoke detector consists of photoelectric system, signal processing identification circuit and alarm circuit. The infrared scatters on the surface of the smoke when the smoke enters the darkroom of the detector, and then the photoelectric diode receives the scattered light and generates the photoelectric signal current. The photoelectric signal generates the alarm signal after being processed by the identification circuit, accordingly the purpose of alarming is achieved. For this smoke alarm, we promise 3 years quality guarantee. Specifications: Power supply: 9V battery Quiescent current: 6 ~ 12μ A Age limit of battery: 2 years Temperature: -10° C ~ +40° C Alarm decibel: ≥ 85dB/cbm Sensitivity of smoke: EN14604
Product Name: Car Travel Net
Item No: 1229212949836
Car Travel Net Size:50×80CM / 50×100CM Material:PE + Rubber / PE+Cyanamide Uses: The product installation in car trunk, the use of the luggage, and storage of fixed debris. Features: can be widely used models of all sizes. the product with full elastic mesh surface, high strength and strong scalability. Overcome the general inelastic mesh bag net surface sag after use, store small amount of fixed defects and poor materials. the product good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long life time. net surface smooth and beautiful, feel good.
Product Name: Emergency Lamp 2x3w
Item No: 101216165643
Light source: LED Power: 2*0.5W Emergency time >2h Switching time: <1 s Recharging time: <24 hours Install the way: Suck the wall Outer material: Metal Emergency power supply: 4*1.2V NI-CD battery Rated voltage: AC 230V 50Hz DC 4.8V
Product Name: Emergency Torch
Item No: 1229212949435
Emergency Torch with Four AA Batteries, Made of ABS Material Material: PP Description: signal light Bulb type: LED Bulb life: 1,00,000h Battery: 2 x 6V 4R25 battery Burning time: two hours Feature: use automatic sensor switch, automatically lights up when it is in dark Product's size: 70 x 184 x 346mm Product's weight: 1700g
Item No: 102119505933
Electronic Warning Reflective Safety Belt Logo printing available Used when walking, jogging, and cycling Nice reflective items for safety or promotion It can light when in dark Long visual distance of 300M
Item No: 102118574178
Reflective safety products Lightweight Super thin and flexible Operated by 9VDC batteries (not included) Length can be customized
Product Name: LED Safety Armband
Item No: 91521493471
LED safety armband is flashing items for safety as walking in dark or night. Versatile Clip Rotates 360' Push Button Switch 3 Modes:Flash Glow Reflective Replaceable Battery Utility Grommet This product can be used for people and pets of. Spare time, this product is the best choice for outdoor sports. With it, you can rest assured that in outdoor activities during the day will flash light in the evening, can be reflective, to remind people around, vehicles, and other pets like your presence, and your pet there. Avoid unnecessary harm.
Item No: 9152225873
Reflective LED armband is made of reflective vinyl material with LEDs inside, can have different designs and sizes. LED lights reflective armband,LED arm band,snap wristbands . LED arm band 3M brand, Velcro fasten. Excellent quality Size: 3X42cm 4 high light LEDs Instruction: Lamps activated by pressing the ON/OFF push button. Press once = flashes Press twice = steady light Long-life batteries, lithium battery 3V Cr2032 Using the elastic and hook and loop tape, the reflective strip can be adjusted to fit all sizes of arm and leg. Do not use reflective strip in heavy rain; strip not washable – damp wipe only Keep product out of reach of reach of children – danger of strangulation Please do not apply this product directly to the skin! Please only use the reflective strip in temperatures of between +50° and -20℃ The reflective strips should be stored in a cool, dry place, free from dust, well away from sources of heat and out of direct sunlight Please note: This product increases visibility in traffic and offers additional protection, especially in dim conditions – extreme care and attention is still necessary even when using this product!
Item No: 102119361657
1 inch, 2 inch any many sizes and colors available. 140cm*5cm about Reflective PT (physical training) safety / emergency belt. Keep one in your coat pocket, BOB (Bug Out Bag) and it will always come in handy. Store one in your glove compartment in case of a roadside emergency. A great alternative to a reflective vest! FASTENER: Center quick-release buckle. SIZE is adjustable from 28 to 52 inches and 2 inches wide. COLOR: Red-Orange reflects the same color day or night. MATERIAL: Solid Vinyl. Reflects well in the rain and is easy to clean, because all seams welded - not sewn. Ends are welded closed to keep water and dirt out. Exceeds the retroreflectivity requirements of ANSI/ISEA 107-1999
Item No: 1229212949284
LED Light Safety Reflective Armband Light Up, Reflective, Wrist, Arm, Band, LED Bulb, CR2032 Button Battery, Adult, Children, Night Walk, Night Run, Push Button Activation size:2.5x39cm Velcro HOOk&LOOP
Product Name: LED Armband
Item No: 1229212949283
Arm & Ankle LED band, Reflective armband, Light Safety arm band Super bright LED Nitezone highly reflective arm and ankle band LED light, 3 modes (steady and 2 flashing), visible to up to half mile, battery life up to 30-60 hours,Battery included (CR2032). water resistant, adjustable to different arm and ankle sizes Size:about3.6x31cm
Item No: 102181528
Reflective Belt and Arm strap Material: Polyester The reflective belt is designed to withstand changing environments and extreme temperatures. And It is built tough & sewn onto heavy duty poly-pro webbing and meet EN471 standard Highly visible by day, reflective by night Color is available
Item No: 1229212949285
This armband features four red blinking LEDs and has a guaranteed time of operation of 120 hours, after which the empty batteries can be exchanged easily. Besides the LEDs the reflective material used ensures the excellent signal properties of this armband. It can be easily and quickly fastened to the arm or above the ankle by a velcro fastener. Battery: CR2032 3V 4 LED lights Size:3*46cm
Item No: 9152252472
Material: PVC retro-reflective crystal Back: Flocking Stardard size: 3x27cm, 3x30cm, 3x32cm, 3x34cm We can print the company name or other words on it. Package: 100PCS/carton, 1000PCS/carton Meas: 36x20x33cm Gw/nw: 20/19.5cm
Product Name: LED Armband
Item No: 91521463124
1) Active 2) Waterproof 3) Cold-resistant(-30o C) 4) The distance can be beyond 300 meters. 5) Three patterns of warning 6) Reflective and flashing with LED lights. 7) Be used with 2 batteries(It can last 24--48hours).
Item No: 915220209
Production of various reflective products, including reflective outwear, reflective vest, reflective strap, sleeve label, badge, reflective arts and reflective crafts, Reflective Armband etc. The products are widely used in traffic, industrial and sports fields.
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