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Product Name: Shaving Brush
Item No: 5822103316
Product Description Shaving brush Product Name: Shaving brush Type: shaving brush Detail: Shaving brush tip with bristle,inner tube is plastic,the outer barrel is made of wood
Item No: 180545497
Pure Badger Hair Hand-knotted Custom-made on the Isle of Man Holds lather better than any other Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 x 5 inches Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces
Item No: 1819095
Description Our longest shaving brush at 5-1/2" overall Natural wood handle and pure badger hair brush Easy to hold handle
Item No: 102020523387
When things get wild at work, you can rest assured that you can keep your whiskers under control with personalized gifts of this Mach3 Razor with Badger Brush in Case. Keep this portable grooming set in a barrister’s case or doctor’s lounge locker to call upon when you need a quick yet quality shave. You’ll find this shaving kit the perfect business gift for any on-the-go executive who appreciates fine style. The sleek, modern styling and precise edges of the case and implements are enhanced with a brushed chrome finish. Lather up with the soft bristles on the badger brush and follow up with an exacting shave – use the mirror on the inside lid for a close up view. For a personalized gift, have your colleagues name engraved on the outside of the case for a lasting impression. Measures: 6 5/8" L x 4 9/16" H x 1 7/16" W
Item No: 21620492216
Description: At 7mm x 9mm, these chrome cufflinks give you ample room to have any logo laser printed. Delivered in their own gift box you will be sure to impress. Colours Available:Silver Print Area:On each cufflink: 7mm x 9mm wide
Product Name: Cufflinks
Item No: 21620472616
Description: Laser or pad printing allows your logo or brand to be easily added to these well designed cufflinks. Made in brushed chrome they will make a fine executive gift idea. Product Size:15 x 13 x 22mm Print Area:10 x 10mm
Product Name: Own Design Cufflinks
Item No: 21620442816
Description: When it comes to promotional opportunities what better impression than giving a pair of quality cufflinks designed as your choose. A promotional gift with a difference.
Item No: 21620421916
Description: This enamel on metal cufflink comes with a quality pin to ensure that when your give this executive gift it will be displaying your logo or brand for many years to come.
Product Name: Oval Enamel Cufflinks
Item No: 21620401716
Description: Oval shaped cufflinks with the choice of any design will ensure that your clients or executives will be impressed with this corporate giveaway. An effective promotional item.
Product Name: Die Cast Cufflinks
Item No: 21620532116
Description: For a promotional gift with a difference these die-cast cufflinks in a design of your choice are the way to go. Clients and executives will be delighted to wear designs of your choosing.
Product Name: Enamel Cufflinks
Item No: 21620344916
Description: These quality enamel cufflinks can be made in any design of your choosing. They offer a great opportunity when it comes to corporate gifts or promotional items.
Product Name: Plain Cufflinks
Item No: 21620295616
Product Name: Round Cast Cuff Links
Item No: 21620571016
Description: These die cast cufflinks can be ordered in any design of your choice to make an effective and quality executive gift or promotional giveaway.
Product Name: Custom Cufflinks
Item No: 21620372416
Description: For a special way to remember that big conference or just to promote your company a custom designed cufflink is the way to go. Make a real impression with this quality promotional idea.
Item No: 21620325316
Item No: 21620234816
Description: Stylish matt silver with chrome finish cuff links and tie bar make a high value executive gift. Laser engraving will easily make this a stunning promotional product. Product Size:18x12x22mm/54x10x4mm Print Area:9 x 9mm
Product Name: Shaving Set
Item No: 11819141938
We have profuse designs with series quality grade, and expressly, our price is very competitive because we are the source. Look forward to opportunity of doing business with you.
Product Name: Shaving Brush
Item No: 18155049
rene magritte is famous for his painting "ceci est une pipe", or, "this is not a pipe." this idea of the treachery of images that magritte posed finds itself manifested in this clever and functional shaving brush.
Product Name: Barber Shaving Brush
Item No: 1813152
Our brushes generate a rich and warm lather to protect the skin while bringing warm water to the skin which softens beards and opens pores for a close shave. Gently exfoliating to prevent and relieve ingrown hairs. Manufactured and handcrafted using only the finest badger hair available. Handles are designed for elegance and durability.
Item No: 1811250
The Art of Shaving Shaving Brush generates a rich, warm, protective lather as it lifts and softens hairs, opens pores and gently exfoliates for a smoother, more luxurious shaving experience. The Art Of Shaving's Badger Shaving Brush is custom-contoured to fit a woman's shaving needs, and handcrafted for comfort, elegance and durability.
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