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Item No: 1229212950740
Electricity saver This Electricity Power Saver can potentially save on your electricity bills simply by improving the efficiency and power factor of electrical appliances. The device is able to store electricity for 5 to 10 seconds and release it for use during the downside supply. It can also improve safety by reducing the overheating of electrical wiring, hence reducing the size of wiring and copper loss. (Precaution should be observed here, this does not imply that attaching multiple units of the power saver will drastically reduce power consumption in all cases. Please consult a trained electrician if advice is necessary. )
Item No: 330645765
It has high quality and long life. It is three-net type. It has an extra net layer to avoid hurting people. It not only can kill mosquitoes, but also kill flies and other insects. It is with rechargeable batteries inside. When using the plug, it can be recharged. The strong voltage produced by it can kill the mosquitoes quickly and can also kill bacteria. It uses ABS plastic and is not easy to break. It is effective, hygienic. It is a simple tool for killing insect pest. Size: 500X200X45mm Weight: 260g It is with flashlight, which can be taken down
Item No: 48673121
45W Ultrasonic Humidifier with Ionizer Main features: Seven colors night light to make life more colorful Built-in ionizer to benefit your health Optional filter cartridge to reduce the limes in the water Three timer settings Three moisture control settings Easy to adjust moisture and timer by soft touch panel Transparent water tank to ensure the water level is visible Automatically switch off when water is empty with alarm warning Colors: blue or silver GS, CE, and CETL approved Specifications: Input voltage: 100 to 240V, 50Hz Moisture capacity: >300mL/h Water tank volume: 6L Coverage area: 30 to 40m2 Rated power: 45W Dimensions: 320 x 183 x 339mm Weight: 3.0kg Advantages: Innovative 5-in-1 features High performance Packing: Quantity: 4 pieces/carton Inner carton: 357 x 217 x 357mm Master carton: 734 x 456 x 382mm Net weight: 14.0kg Gross weight: 15.5kg Loading: 20ft FCL container: 948 pieces 40ft FCL container: 1,920 pieces 40ft HQ container: 2,240 pieces
Item No: 515743914
Santa Claus Ultrasonic Humidifier Power: 220V/50HZ Rated power: 30W Water Tank Capacity: 4.2L spray volume (ml / h): ≥ 350 Color Package Dimensions (mm): 245x245x328 Main technical parameters: Bionic styling, sleek vivid with negative ion device Automatic power-off water humidifying capacity is the amount of any adjustment, mist suppression of uniform Advanced noise design, ultra quiet running nanometer technology, anti-mildew bacteria available working time: 7-12 hours
Product Name: Ultrasonic Humidifier
Item No: 514362241
Ultrasonic Humidifier Brief introduction: Humidifiers release large amounts of negative ions to improve air quality. Reduce the hazards of passive smoking. Oxygen mist humidifier to make the air clean, beneficial beauty. energy saving, longer life. Inhibiting bacteria and viruses spread, and promote metabolism. a high efficiency air cleaning, care of health. Water protection device automatically, so you feel more at ease, more secure. Benefits a humidifier: Humidifying air purification: automatic humidity to eliminate dry, indoor air quality. Vigor, and efficiency. Add aromatic, warm indoor atmosphere, blending modern office, home environment, the pursuit of personalized environment, rendering romance. Fresh disinfection anion: negative ion the air is purified, Chen Ning smoke, decomposition odor, bacteria and so on. The release of negative charge, the activation of oxygen molecules, so that the body of oxygen inhalation increased by 20%. At the same time more than 15% of the carbon dioxide emissions. Duiru special medicine to block influenza, pneumonia-like virus outbreaks in respiratory patients to create a favorable environment for convalescence. Negative ions to promote metabolism, keep the air calm, clear fatigue prevention "Air conditioning disease" effect. Health & Beauty: nourish the skin, direct contact ion facial skin, facial skin activated cell pity speed, smooth and delicate skin, more health and vitality. Air Conditioning partners: indoor long-term use, leading to indoor in a serious shortage of water required, then you can use the humidifier to increase moisture in indoor moisture to restore balance to the room. Scope: Living room, bedrooms, salons, hotels, hospital, offices, kindergartens, Kara OK room and so on and so on heating and air conditioning market.ect Humidification 0.3-0.4 (kg / h) for an area of 20-30 (m2) water tank capacity of 3L supply voltage 220 (V) Power frequency 50 (Hz) Rated Power 25-35 (W) layout of the noise floor less than 30 (dB) spray volume of 300-380 (ml / h) material:environmental protection plastic weight 0.8-1.6 (kg) Dimension 215 * 215 * 345 (mm)
Item No: 51320174992
Touch button design, practical and simple fashion; intelligent control, better meet the needs of different consumer needs. Product functions and features: 1.Intelligent touch button design, LED backlight design, intelligent control of time (2,4,6,8). 2.Atomized water cut off circuit. 3.Add appropriate amount of third gear adjustment (100,200,300) for environmental and practical, the fog of uniform. 4.'s Advanced noise suppression design, ultra-quiet operation. 5.In two modes, continuous and intermittent modes of work to meet individual needs. 6.Large water tank design, removed a short time with water trouble. Sustainable use of time can be up to 15 hours or more, continuous and uniform wetting. Aromatherapy nebulizer humidifier on the market the difference? First, from the principles of the theory are the use of ultrasound. The difference is that our products are specifically designed to use aromatherapy products aromatherapy products meet the performance characteristics of many. A, volume in 450ml of water around, simply by adding 2-4 drops of essential oil in the water can reach aromatic effect, consistent with the use of essential oils of this valuable product, a water can to ensure the maximum amount of continuous fog for more than 15 hours of practical, economical. B, general humidifier insufficient corrosion resistance of materials used to make aromatherapy easy with the quality problem. If, because to do so leads to quality problems with aromatherapy, difficult to get manufacturers to maintain support. Aromatherapy is the use of our machine yesterday as a special ABS material, and ultrasonic metal piece is dedicated, to oil water resistance to chemical corrosion. C, product design, elegant, decorations can be used to do, applies more broadly. Unique LED lighting and smart touch button design, more convenient and practical to allow users to close. Usage: Products can be widely used in home, office, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, banks, entertainment, hotels,ect. Shopping Guide: 1,select the type: At present, there are ultrasonic humidifier type. By ultrasonic oscillation-type ultrasonic water atomization, the effect of humidification evenly played, characterized by intuitive quick wetting, more economical prices in line with the majority of ordinary household use. Try to select the amount of adjustable mist humidifier, use the market supply of bottled purified water humidifier, this will eliminate the "white powder" phenomenon. In addition, the antibacterial function is also important, bottled water, automatic power off after use, use of safety; 2,to judge the quality: if you want to buy a spray-type humidifier, humidifier should be noted that the degree of atomization or humidification. To detect the effect of a simple spray method is to mist volume knob to mid-range office, observe whether the fine mist, transparent and up. At this point I can hand 20 cm from the spray, continuous spray for 15 seconds, if we feel the palm of your hand and no drops of moisture dripping, shows fine aerosol effect can be achieved even rapid humidification requirements. Wetting effect is a comprehensive concept, not only to more water molecules close to wetting speed. To consider when purchasing these. 3,note performance: best choice can be automatically adjusted according to temperature changes in Humidification capacity to achieve the healthy body needs moisture, hydrating accurate, can inhibit influenza and other diseases. Humidifier water tank may be used at any time, it should be selected automatically to protect the product with water to prevent dry dangerous. Magical humidifier: 1,Aroma: humidifier in trickle-down perfume, flavor, fragrance to make you work, live, feel more comfortable learning environment. 2,anti-mosquito: Add a few drops of liquid insect repellent to prevent mosquito bites. (Toilet water can) 3,Beauty: Women's skin care, before their skin is more moist and shiny, moisturizing the skin, the skin will not dry aging. 4,in addition to power: to eliminate the environment in a variety of static interference. 5,household: wood furniture, bedroom humidifier can not deformed, just brush the wall does not crack. 6,eliminate dust: complete elimination of dust, clean the air. 7,sterilization: a few drops of vinegar in the humidifier Riga, can play the role of sterilization. 8,put the computer next to the humidifier, you can clear the static. 9,in the humidifier water tank in accordance with the ratio of 1:20 to join Banlangen granules, Houttuynia, or anti-virus oral liquid, can be effective in preventing influenza. Application area: 20 (㎡) atomization quantity: 100-300ml / h replacement air volume: 200 (m3 / h) Tank Capacity: 4.5L Rated power: 35 (W) Supply voltage: 220 (V) Power frequency: 50 (Hz ) Dimensions: ф215 × 480 (mm) Weight: 2.5kg Box Size: 230 × 230 × 510 (mm) Water conservation Child Safety Protection Fog volume adjustment
Item No: 545523497
Universal Travel Adapter Universal plug adapter set for travel or business trip Three individual plug adapters as one set 4 types of popular AC power plug selectable: US (Canada), Europe, UK and Australia (New Zealand, Asia) plugs 4 types power plug convert to universal AC outlet that suites for all kinds of power plug Compact size and fashion design Power input/output: 110V - 250V, 10A - 15A AC Nickel plated copper material for excellent conduction Translucent housing With CE&RoHS White box packaging
Item No: 416182445
Air freshener 197x97x75mm Automatic fragrance diffuser Hundreds latest designs available
Product Name: Desktop Air Purifier
Item No: 4161758974
Desktop Air Purifier Freshens the air Accessory: 24V AC adapter or 240V Power: 11W With rainbow color LED lights base Built-in ionizer and UV light Original design Trendy and fashionable design Each unit packed in a color box with a polybag 12pcs put in a carton 3, 600pcs in a 20ft 7200pcs in a 40ft 8972pcs in a 40ft HQ Carton size: 57.5 x 38.5 x 43cm
Item No: 4157424154
Automatic Spray Freshener with Smart Chip for Programmable Spray Times New herb castle automatic sprayer is a new, innovative and smart aerosol air freshener that works comtinuously to neutralize bad odors, leaving the home with a pleasant aromatic scent all day long It contains a smart chip programmed to release a small spray of long lasting fragrance at time intervals set by the user It is easy to manage and with the choice of 3 different time intervals and light sensor to detect people present, saving the user time to activate the freshener
Item No: 4157265973
Automatic Aerosol Dispenser with Smart Chip 1st switch: Move this switch can adjust dispenser spray interval time, it has 3 interval spray time: 10/20/40 minutes 2nd switch: (caution: please ensure the spray nozzle away from your face and eyes); when you move the switch from off to on, the dispenser will spray 1 time after 4 seconds delay Power on and enter 24 hours working function Day: the dispenser will enter day spraying function Sensor: light sensor LED: red and green dual color When you move the switch from off to on, the LED will flash red and green for several times, then enter into normal working condition, the LED will flash green color Specification: Material: ABS, POM Unit weight: 370g Dimension: 22.5 x 12.5 x 8.5cm Batteries: 2 x AA batteries Spray interval: 10, 20, 40 minutes Controller: micro-controller Installation: It is recommended that the dispenser be installed high on the wall (above 2.0m) to avoid the sprayed aerosol coming into contact with passers-by and to reduce the risk of vandalism Open the front cover from right to left Hold the back plate to the wall and mark the hole positions, then drill for the screws and plugs provided and fit the dispenser to the wall Package includes: Dispenser: 1 unit Fix screws: 2 units Expanding plug: 2 units
Product Name: Perfume Dispenser
Item No: 4157192373
Perfume Dispenser Innovative and smart aerosol Works continuously to neutralize malodors Contains a smart chip programmed to release a small spray of long lasting fragrance into your home at time intervals desired by you Easy to manage With 3 time intervals and light sensor Conveniently refreshens your home
Item No: 4146314387
Gel Room Air Freshener in Decoative Oval Jar Capacity: 8oz decorative oval jar Suitable for home use Selected fragrance and color Gift box
Product Name: USB Humidifier
Item No: 486273485
Capacity: 220mL Dispenser time: Car adapter: 7 to 10 hours USB cable: 10 to 20 hours Adapter: 8 to 17 hours The height of mist: 150mm Personal design for daily use, comfortable, healthy, and convenient Suitable to be used in your own space, such as bedroom, offices, and cars Low water level protection: it will be off automatically when the water level reached the bottom line Low power level reminding Three power supply method: adapter, 4 pieces AA battery, USB cable and car adapter
Item No: 481841063
Scented air freshener Materials: PP, scent and plastic bottle Unit measurements: 4.7 x 8.7 x 10cm Quantity/carton: 72 pieces/carton Carton measurements: 57 x 29 x 57.5cm Net/gross weight: 8/10kg Minimum order quantity: 10,000 units No of unit per 20/40-foot carton: 20,448 and 50,760 pieces Makes the atmosphere comfortable Air scent, LED car fragrance, car perfume, auto air purifier, auto air freshener, auto air purifier, auto accessories, deodorizer, gifts and promotion gifts available
Item No: 413727676
Smart Plug-in Air Freshener with Romantic Fragrances Ideal for bedroom, dinning room, washing room, airport, and public places Over 30 perfume types are available: CK-one, French rose, vanilla, lavender, water melon, apple, lemon, and more Specific perfume types are also available upon customer's requirements All essential oil comes from worldwide famous brand-Givaudan, to supply more safe, and natural essential oil Perfume concentration adjustable Affordable scent mate for you Different color perfume to match your different decoration style, to supply more choices
Product Name: Scented Beads Gifts
Item No: 4128271298
Scented Beads Weight: 12 x 20g Size: 17 x 9 x 5cm Packing: Carton size: 23.6 x 29.5 x 24.5cm Net weight: 7.10kg Gross weight: 8.10kg Loading quantity: 288 pieces
Product Name: Air Freshener Set
Item No: 4121585863
Aroma gift set 1pc of 40mL air freshener + 4pcs of tea light candles + 2pcs of 5ml fragrance oils + 1pc of ceramic diffuser + 50gm cotton shell packed in a color card box with a PVC cover Size of product: 20.5 x 17.5 x 7cm Weight: 0.465kg Packing: 20 sets/master carton Size of carton: 41 x 36 x 36cm (0.053m3) N.W.: 9.3kg G.W.: 10.3kg
Product Name: Scented Wooden Ball
Item No: 472144747
20-piece Scented Wooden Ball Size: 11.5 x 5 x 8.5cm Packing: Carton size: 33 x 26 x 29cm Net weight: 5.50kg Gross weight: 6.50kg Loading quantity: 48 packs
Item No: 4720593820
100g scented stone ball in a plastic bottle Size of product: 4 x 12cm Weight: 0.105kg Packing: 12 pieces/inner carton, 144 pieces/carton Dimensions: 40 x 35 x 27cm (0.038m3) NW: 15.12kg GW: 16.12kg
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