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Item No: 1229212952342
This unique item is a magnetic clip and bottle opener in one. Features a strong spring-loaded grip that can seal bags or hold papers. Opaque, plastic clip Button magnet on backside Size: 3" x 1-7/16" x 1-5/8" Metal bottle opener on backside
Item No: 1229212951650
Handy keychain tools are perfect promotional giveaways! Keychain tools are shaped like a fish, and include a variety of useful features Material: Stainless steel Tools Include: Flathead screwdriver, serrated edge and bottle opener Carabiner clip attachment Size: 3" Long
Product Name: Tag Along Multi-Tool
Item No: 1229212951649
This durable tool includes a tape measure, bottle opener, and flashlight. The tape measure has a length of 39" and features inch markings on one side and metric markings on the other. Attach this multi-tool to your keys or lanyard by using the split key ring attachment. Material: Plastic Tape Length: 39" metal tape Measurements: Inches and centimeters Integrated metal bottle opener and LED flashlight On/Off switch to activate flashlight Metal split ring attachment Size: 3-1/8" x 2" x 5/8"
Item No: 1229212951648
These reflective bottle holders easily screw on to any standard water bottle for convenient carrying. Material: Plastic Features: Integrated split clip for hanging, a flashlight, safety light and water bottle holder Has 2 reflective side panels, each with 2 bright white LEDS and a bright white LED Includes two button cell batteries (inserted and non-replaceable) Size: 1-5/16" H x 4-7/8" W x 1/2" D
Item No: 1229212951647
Handy 4-in-1 opener has an ergonomic design that provides for easy gripping and opening. The perfect addition to any kitchen! Material: Plastic Ergonomic design Functions: Twist-off bottle cap opener, notch to lift soup can tabs, bottle cap wrench with metal insert and a tab puller for opening cans Size: 2.75" x 4.5" x .5"
Item No: 1229212951646
Custom can openers for the cooking connoisseurs! Can openers are made from durable stainless steel and feature a unique marble pattern. Material: Stainless steel & plastic Large twist-to-open handle crank Integrated bottle opener Plastic handles Marble pattern Size: 2.5" x 7.75" x 2.25"
Item No: 1229212951645
Classic waiters' corkscrews have three-in-one potential to power your celebration! Material: Stainless steel Includes corkscrew, foil cutter blade and bottle opener Size: 4.375" x 1.125" x .5"
Item No: 1229212951644
Lanyards are made from 100% polyester for an easy imprint. Each lanyard includes a metal clasp hook for attachment purposes. Complete with a bottle opener. Size: 32" x 3/4".
Item No: 1229212951643
Repair your divots with these promotional divot tools. Features a built-in bottle opener for on course beverages. Perfect promotional giveaway for your next golf event! Material: Aluminum Built-in bottle opener Size: 3-3/4" H x 1-1/4" W
Item No: 1229212951642
This gadget is a key light and a bottle opener. Simply twist the aluminum barrel to activate the white LED light. Material: Aluminum Bulb Type: LED bulb Integrated bottle opener Twist the barrel to activate light Metal split ring attachment Includes 3 button-cell batteries Size: 2-3/8" x 1/2" diameter
Item No: 1229212951641
These carabiners are perfect for camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures. Material: Metal Includes: Carabiners, compass and bottle opener Flat design Size: 3.5" x 1.25"
Item No: 1229212951640
You can open your bottle of wine and seal it closed all with this one giveaway. This 2-in-1 giveaway is a compact corkscrew and a bottle stopper. Material: Plastic and stainless steel Includes corkscrew and bottle stopper Corkscrew is stored inside the bottle stopper Size: 3.5" x 2.5"
Item No: 1229212951639
Tool is made from stainless steel for durable, long-lasting use. Complete with a keyhole for split-ring attachment. Stored in a polyester fabric carrying pouch. Material: Stainless steel Components: an LED light, a spoke wrench, a 2-inch ruler, a Phillips screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, four hex wrenches and a bottle opener Keyhole for attachment purposes Packaged in a polyester carrying pouch Size: 3-9/16" x 1-3/8"
Item No: 1229212951638
Digital BBQ thermometers are a must have for grilling out, cookouts and more. BBQ thermometers help to prevent undercooking or overcooking, which can lead to unpleasant food experiences. Offer these thermometers as a gift or incentive to help attract and retain new customers. Material: #5 PP plastic with steel probe LED display Foldable probe with fast response time Magnet on back Bottle opener Auto shut off after 10 minutes Battery: One replaceable CR2032 button cell included Comes in brown kraft paper gift box Size (item): 2" H x 7" W x 0.75" D Size (gift box): 2.25" H x 7.25" W x 1" D
Item No: 1229212951630
This unique can cooler features an integrated bottle opener. Bottle opener can also be used as a can opener and features a bead chain attachment. Bottle opener is stored inside of an integrated elastic strap. That way you'll never need to search for a bottle opener-it's attached to the can holder! Can cooler folds flat for storage. Material: Polyester with foam backing Bottle opener: Plastic and stainless Elastic loop to back holds bottle opener Bottle opener has a bead chain attachment Holds: Standard 12 oz can or bottle, 12 oz slim can, 16 oz can, 16.9 oz bottle Size (flat): 5" x 3.75"
Item No: 1229212951631
This bottle kooler helps to keep bottle beverages cold. Includes a removable bottle opener that fits into insert below the zipper. This item folds flat for convenient storage. Material: Neoprene Aluminum bottle opener stores in pocket in back Zipper back Koozie brand Holds: Standard 12 oz bottle Size (flat): 7" x 4" at widest
Item No: 1229212951637
This polyester material with foam backing Kooler helps to keep their bottled beverages cold. The half-length zipper closure provides a snug fit for optimal temperature retention. Lightweight bottle cooler folds flat, making it ideal for direct mail promotions. Pop open the party with the included bottle opener. Material: Polyester with foam backing Zipper with bottle opener attached to back Koozie brand Holds: Standard 12 oz bottle Size (flat): 8.25" x 4" at widest
Item No: 1229212951636
Dog tags are a classic choice of the military and are a bold fashion statement. Built-in bottle opener can open a variety of bottled beer, soda and other beverages. Material: Pewter Includes 24" ball chain necklace Built-in bottle opener Tag Size: 1-1/8" H x 3-1/8" W
Item No: 1229212951635
A small but handy tool to have for outdoor events, tailgate parties, cookouts and more. The extra bright LED key light will light up dark nooks with the slide on/off switch. Crack open a cold beverage with ease with the integrated bottle opener. Material: Plastic with metal bottle opener Bulb Type: LED bulb Slide on/off switch Integrated bottle opener Metal split ring attachment Includes 3 non-replaceable AG3 alkaline button cell batteries Size: 1-1/4" x 2-3/4"
Item No: 1229212951634
These custom wall bottle openers look great in bars, pubs, alehouses and much more! Wall bottle openers are a stylish and useful branding tool! Material: Bamboo & Zinc alloy Two wall anchors Two mount holes Four magnets on backside Size: 8.25" x 3" x .5" thick
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