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Item No: 12294482847
27" Tall ranunculus spray in purple with 2 open flowers and 1 bud per spray. Open flowers measure 3" and 3.5" in diameter. Bud is 1.25" wide.
Item No: 1226044231
25" Tall spider dahlia spray in cream. Flower head measures 6" in diameter.
Item No: 12251765349
17.5" Tall beautiful garden hydrangea bush in two tone blue. 5 flowering hydrangea blooms per bush measuring from 4" to 5" in diameter each.
Item No: 1227548580
23" Tall small hydrangea spray in delphinium blue with green and purple highlights. Flower head measures 4" tall and 5" in diameter.
Item No: 12260345110
10" Tall latex cymbidium orchid bouquet in green with burgundy highlights in the center and green grass accents. Bouquet measures approximately 7.5" in diameter with a white chiffon ribbon wrapped around the stems. There is 9 individual flowers on each bouquet.
Item No: 12256223866
Large 4" fuchsia gerbera head on a 9" pick stem. Add a splash of color with the brilliant beautiful colors of the large gerbera flower, great in bouquets and arrangements. Brighten up your gift packages by adding a gerbera head.
Item No: 1227521175
Bright and cheerful and ever popular gerbera daisy with 7" diameter pink flower head, 29" length.
Item No: 11023535998
This artificial fruit is the size of an average pear. Measurements: 3.5" H. Life size.
Item No: 11417404432
This vase is made of glass and its stand is made of polyresin. Its height is 23 cm with Mickey Mouse. It comes with a gift box. It is well-crafted.
Item No: 1144395420
Crafted of Mango wood This proud elephant statuette has sleek lines and serves as a meaningful accent on a shelf or desk 13.50Hx3.25Wx12D"
Item No: 114437593
Buddhist imagery presents in a beautiful context with this Happy Buddha figure sculpted in natural alabasya wood Carved in handsome detail, a joyful way to honor your Eastern sensibilities 5.25Hx5 Wx2.5D"
Product Name: Buddha Statuette
Item No: 114437917
Crafted of polyresin Made to look as if it is sculpted of stone, this large detailed piece is ideal on a table or shelf 23.37Hx7.87Wx5.50D"
Item No: 1141583096
Tropical accent. Add a touch of the outdoors to your home with this artificial potted palm plant. In green/black. Palm plant provides natural appeal. Pot holds plant in place. Details: 25"H x 12"W x 12"D Cast iron Wipe clean
Item No: 1141512448
Soft, green polyester beach grass with roots. Looks good sitting in a clear vase or seashell.... Height 16"
Product Name: Majolica Figurine
Item No: 1141403337
Delicatea woman holding a fruit cake. Her costume is hand-painted in soft pastel colors of light green, pink and yellow. Size: 5" T x 3-3/4" D
Item No: 1141392313
Young girl holding what appears to be a basket. Perhaps going on a summertime picnic? Stands 5.5 in. tall and the base measures 2.5 in. diameter. Unglazed porcelain. Height: 5.5 in. ( 13.97 cm ) Width: 2.5 in. ( 6.35 cm ) Materials: porcelain
Item No: 114128150
This porcelain figurine of a lady dressed in a pastel yellow dess and holding a handmirror stands 7.25 in. tall. Perfect to display with a collection of boudoir items. The base measures 4.75 x 3.5 in. High gloss glaze。 Height: 7.25 in. ( 18.415 cm ) Width: 4.75 in. ( 12.065 cm ) Depth: 3.5 in. ( 8.89 cm ) Materials: porcelain/ceramic
Item No: 1141272498
Turkeys mate for life and this pair is pretty devoted. Stands 3.25 in. tall. Height: 3.25 in. ( 8.255 cm ) Materials: porcelain
Item No: 114116409
A porcelain Skunk figurine to add to your collection. Stands 3.25 in. tall. Height: 3.25 in. ( 8.255 cm ) Materials: porcelain
Product Name: Blue Bird Figurine
Item No: 1141141447
This pretty blue bird measures 4in. long, 2.75 in. tall and about 2.25 in. wide.Perfect gift for someone special or to add to your own collection. Height: 2.75 in. ( 6.985 cm ) Width: 4 in. ( 10.16 cm ) Depth: 2.25 in. ( 5.715 cm ) Materials: porcelain
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