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Wholesale Waist Support
Item No: 5111734816
[Application]: Mainly used for assistant treatment of hernia swelling. Support your hernia with this adjustable hernia truss. Washable. [Materials Content]: Imitation leather, composite net cloth, agglutinate belt. [Product Description]: It can spare patients the suffering of operation and immediately alleviate the symptom. Alleviate inguinal colic symptom through giving pressures by adjustable fixing belt and built-in convexity. There is no need of hospital, operation, injection and there is no pain or side-effects in this treatment. Convenience and safe and makes the colic patients get assistant treatment without influence of work and life Standard: S/M/L
Item No: 5111754416
-Ankle support/wrap enhanced with the power of magnets and Hot/Cold Pad. -A safe, convenient and universal non-invasive treatment for pain. Highly recommended by doctors for patients with Acute injuries (sprained / strained ankles) and Chronic ankle pain from osteoarthritis. -Hot & cold gel insert. (Gel is CE approved and proven safe for European and North American imports) -The finest quality wraps with 3 in 1 Therapy. -Convenient Hook & Loop Closures: For quick and easy fastening. -Gel Pack can be frozen or heated with microwave conveniently. Wrap is conveniently washable. -Slips easily into wrap pocket. -Hot Therapy: For Chronic periodic treatment of ankle and arthritic pain resulted from osteoarthritis and rheumatic arthritis. 1. Increases blood circulation to affected area 2. Facilitates healing process 3. Soothes muscle aches 4. Releases muscle tensions -Cold Therapy: For Acute treatment of injuries such as ankle sprains, strains, and bruises. 1. Decrease inflammations 2. Reduces blood flow 3. Decrease pain due to acute sprain/strain ankle injuries -Magnetic Wave Therapy: Studies have shown that magnets may be an effective therapy for enhancing the relief of pain. Additionally, it is believed that magnetic fields applied to an injured area improve blood flow and oxygen exchange to enhance the body's natural healing process. Studies have shown that magnets may be an effective therapy: 1. Effectively enhances the relief of pain. 2. Improving blood flow. 3. Promoting the body's natural healing process. -Magnetic Wave Therapy - Three Critical Elements: 1. Power - Features powerful 1000+ gauss magnets. 2. Placement - Incorporates 16 individual magnets, strategically placed to ensure maximum effectiveness.
Product Name: Waist Support
Item No: 51115442116
Prevention and assistant treatment of lumbar syndromes like lumbar vertebra disease and other lumbar syndrome. Convalescent stabilization of slipped disc or after lumbar operation. Waist protection and support of people who performs manual labor and old weak people. Suitable for people who has fat waist and abdomen and long time standing or sitting.
Product Name: Waist Support
Item No: 51115455916
Material: Inside 100% bamboo charcoal Functions: 1. Strong absorb ability, it can absorb the sweat and moisture from the waist. 2. Relase far infrared ray, which can speed the blood circulation, promote body metabolism, eliminate tireness. 1. Take care of rheumatism 2. Good waist support for long time sitting people.
Item No: 51115532716
This versatile wrap is loaded with magnetic power. It can be worn at the waist, front or back or moved all the way up to the chest for middle back application. Adjusts with velcro closure to fit up to 40". The Magnetic Back Support Brace is the great choice for sciatica, lower back pain relief and herniated disc pain relief. It offers excellent support and helps to speed the natural healing process for lower back pain relief, sciatica, arthritis and herniated disc pain relief. Twenty (20) powerful grade magnets each of 1, 200 gauss, inserted at precise locations, effectively penetrate over 4" to provide total coverage and saturation of the lumbar region. The patented thermal regulation removes perspiration and excess heat so the support can be worn comfortably under a wide range of conditions.
Product Name: Stomach Support
Item No: 5111712416
[Product purpose]: Best used for assistant treatment of gastroptosis sufferer. [Product Description]: Stomach support is a bowel support to treat gastroptosis caused by laxation of stomach smooth muscle and ligament. It is put under abdomen (under stomach) and gives pressure to abdomen muscle upwards and entad hold stomach. It can alleviate the weight which stuffs in stomach give to stomach muscle and ligament. Standard: S/M/L
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