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Product Name: Shapely Rubber Bands
Item No: 1229212950894
Our Squiggles are available in seven themes and come packaged in a random assortment of 4 rubber bands in a polypack with a full-color advertiser card. Available themes are Dinosaurs, Sea creatures, Insects, Fruit, Music, Transportation, and Dental Product Size:3" H x 3" W Imprint Area(s):3.00" x 3.00" (insert card) Shipping Weight:5 lbs. per 250
Item No: 1229212950892
A foam mini rocket propelled through the air by a rubber band. Not for children. Product Size:9”w x 2 1/4”h Product Weight:9 lbs/250 pcs When rubber bands and paper airplanes just aren't good enough, break out the heavy artillery with these great gifts ideas. The perfect way to cure boredom in any setting, your personalized Bungee Rockets feature a foam body that soars through the air, propelled by a rubber band. Imprint your logo or slogan so that, when their enemy targets get the bombing they deserve, they'll know exactly who their ally is. Order yours today! Material: Foam Available Color(s): White with Blue Trim.
Product Name: Flying Rocket
Item No: 1229212950891
Foam toys of high quality will make every promotion fly. Perfect for tradeshows and special events! Product Size: 7 3/4" x 2 1/2"
Product Name: Magnetic Sand Timer
Item No: 1229212952413
These ultra-modern hourglass timers are perfect additions to home offices and desks. Material: Glass timer, wooden base Individually packaged in clear gift box Size: 6-1/4" H x 3-1/8" W x 3-1/8" D
Item No: 1229212950987
Stress Buster Spring - Round stress relieving coiled spring Size: 2 1/2",3" dia Packaging: Bulk. Individually polybagged Shipping: Num Per Pack: 200; Package Weight: 35.00lbs Imprinting: Back, Pad Imprint, 2"H x 1-1/2"W Color: Blue, Rainbow, Red, White This logo Stress Buster Spring practically screams: "Over here! Look at me!" We don't know your opinion on the matter, but that kind of promotional capability wouldn't hurt if you're trying to find a way to stand out. The imprinted Stress Buster Spring is not just for children. In fact, we've heard that adults actually look for excuses to take these from kids so that they can play with them instead. It's unfortunate, we know, but when you have a product this colorful and fun it can be tough to share! Get them in blue, red, white, or rainbow. Promoting your business doesn't have to be a boring task. Make it an exciting endeavor by making these customizable Stress Buster Springs a crucial part of your inventory!
Item No: 121622182916
This custom imprinted Click Clack Tin Mint Holder includes 75 peppermint flavored mints. Imprint Area(s): 0.87" x 0.87" (Front)
Item No: 4225491489
standard - Football - Embossed mini mint tin filled with kosher mints of choice. Variety of flavors and shapes available. Product Size :2 3/8" x 1 7/8" x 1/2" Colors: Black, Gold Imprint Area: 1 1/2" x 1 1/4"
Item No: 12240151167
Large clicker tin with sugar free mints. Mints. Large clicker tin with sugar free mints. 3" diameter. Color: Silver, White Minimum Production Time: 5 day(s) Size: 3"
Product Name: Square Tin of Mints
Item No: 12152255816
This sturdy, custom imprinted tin container holds 100 sugar free mints for everyone to enjoy. Great give away idea to promote your business. Product Size: 2 3/8" x 2" Imprint Area(s): 1.75" x 1.50" (Top
Item No: 121622313616
This custom imprinted Large Rectangle Mint Holder includes 100 peppermint flavored mints. Imprint Area(s):1.50" x 2.00" (Front) Product Size:60*40*16mm weight:32g
Item No: 12240295378
MicroMints (r) Call Me - Cell phone shape tin filled with English mints. Cell phone shape tin filled with English mints. Everyone has a call me phone number and something to say. A tasty interactive giveaway, Patented. Tin is recyclable. Dimensions: 3.25" l x 1.75" w x 0.88" d Minimum Production Time: 7 day(s) Size: 1 1/4 oz
Product Name: Candy Machine
Item No: 121122161844
Turn the button make the candy out Also as a penny bank PVC Available in different colors
Product Name: Tubular mints
Item No: 12240412887
Tubular mints, in a peppermint flavor. 6 working days - Tubular mints, in a peppermint flavor. Holds approximately 200 sugar-free mints. Minimum Production Time: 6 day(s) Size: 5 1/2" x 3/4"
Item No: 3171755230
Silver metal coil spring, 80mm. Metallic colored coil spring toy with diameter of approximately 1 7/8", height 2". Fun and flexible, create an infinite number of shapes. Available in various shapes and designs. Recyclable. Ideal for promotions related to creativity, flexibility, puzzles, children and other events. Material: Metal Color: Silver Minimum Production Time: 10 day(s) Size: 2"
Item No: 12241985656
Smiley spring keychain, 2". Smiley spring keychain, 2". Size: 2"
Item No: 12112240535
Clearly sensational storage Can contain candies and gumballs Size: 58 x 68 x 84mm
Product Name: Party Popper
Item No: 2140212675
This product is mainly used in all of the celebrations, and the product is powered by spring. When you twist the confetti, dozens of colorful contents such as confetti in different shapes, streamer and so on land down like the fairy scattering flowers when sending and push your celebrating to the highest.
Product Name: Party Cannon
Item No: 2140195544
This product is used in many kinds of events, such as wedding, party, anniversary, etc. It is powered by compressed air. Colorful tissues and confetti in different shapes will land down like the fairy scattering flowers in the sky when playing, which will bring much fun to different events.
Item No: 22721344216
Upside down liquid sand timer 5 minutes. Vibrant colors. Reverse action that will grab anyones attention. Sand travels up, not down. Free set ups on all orders. Each unit may have slight variation in time. Free freight on orders greater than $500 (R) to one domestic, regular ground location. Material: Plastic Color: Blue, Red, Yellow Size: 2 1/2" x 5" x 1"
Product Name: Assorted sand timers
Item No: 122417442080
Assorted sand timers. Assorted sand timers. Minimum Production Time: 5 day(s) Size: 3 1/2"
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