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USB Finger Mouse-Optical for Computer, Laptop, Notebook Fits on your finger Features: 1. Innovative design 2. Operate the USB Finger Mouse between your index finger and thumb 3. Multi-tasking function allows users to write or type when operating the USB Finger Mouse at the same time 4. Shorten the operation time between keyboarding and operating the Finger Mouse Ethereal and deft, without bulk 5. 1 / 3~1 / 4 weight to the conventional optical mouse 6. Plug and play Specifications: 1. Size: 62x23x33mm (WxDxH) 2. Cable length: 1. 2m 3. Weight: 35g 4. Button: 2 buttons and scroll button 5. Interface: USB (A type connector) 6. Reading system: Optical sensor system (ball less) 7. Resolution: 800dpi 8. Support Windows ME / 2000 / 2003 / XP 9. Package Contents: USB Finger Mouse & Blister Package Instructions for Using: Insert the index finger into the elastic-ring and adjust your fingerposition until you feel comfortable and move the Finger Mouse smoothly Do not adjust the elastic-ring too tight or it will interface with the effect of blood circulation Align your index finger tip and the Finger Mouse light sensor tip to the same height Use your thumb to control the 'Right Button', 'Left Button' and 'Scroll Wheel' Place your middle finger at the grip area to provide support when you are double-clicking Contact the USB Finger Mouse light sensor tip to the surface, such as clothes, trousers. . . For operation
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