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Item No: 2131732619
Wholesale free shipping 50PCS/ new white Light tooth whitening system as seen on TV WhiteLight- A revolutionary new system that incorporates light technology and a specially formulated formulate et to whiten your teeth fast. The whitening system rapidly removes surface stains and penetrates deep to remove embedded stains. Now you n easily and effectively whiten your teeth of home WhiteLight system inudes: WhiteLight Transmitter Advanced Dental Tray " Secrets to a beautiful Smile" Booklet 2 Lithium CR2025 Batteries 2 Tubes of White Light Gel The original Whitelight Tooth Whitening System is a revolutionary new product that uses the same light technology found in many Dentist`s offices. The only difference is, you n use the White Light System in the comfort of your own home and at raction of cost. With the White Light Tooth Whitening System you n have white teeth in as little as 10 minutes. The White Light System is very easy to use. Simply apply some of the patente EL in the dental tray, insert it in your mouth, and turn it on. The light technology, combined with the patente EL rapidly removes stains used by coffe, tobaco, red wine, aging, and much more. The WhiteLight Tooth Whitening System is so effective, it even removes embedded stains. It`s act that people ju e you within the first few seconds of meeting you and that a great smile n make or break that first impression. Why not treat yourself to a whiter and brighter smile. Buy this great whitening sustem now. You`ll be amazed at how qui ly you will see results. Whiter Teeth and a Brighter Smile - Guaranteed! ! ! ! Quantity: 1 lot (50 items per lot) Package Size: 25.0 * 20.0 * 25.0 ( cm ) Gross Weight/Package: 9.0 ( kg )
Product Name: Skin brushes
Item No: 1517564292
Skin brushes made of antibacterial material Packing: Shrink paper card or box or PVC bags Any size and colour and package of this eyelash curler can be supplied.
Product Name: Cuticle Trimmer
Item No: 1517373765
Cuticle trimmer made of plastic or stainless steel Packing: Shrink paper card or box or PVC bags Any size and colour and package of this cuticle trimmer can be supplied.
Item No: 157384786
Photon-Ultrasonic beauty machine CE approval Operated by AC adaptor Specification: Resource: DC24V, 0.25A Current: 250mA Ultrasonic waves: 3MHz, Power: 12w Unit size: 12.3x6x6cm Unit weight: 97g, Material: ABS Packing: 1PC/white box, 20PCS/carton Carton size: 43x32.5x35cm G. W/N. W: 14/12kgs Features: The generator of photon-ultrasonic skin care machine can have 3 million times of micro-amplitude vibration per second. It has the most efficient and secure ultrasonic index among the trade now. As it can reach only 1mm under the skin, so it is more suitable for the skin care around eyes. The high ultrasonic vibration can generate heating function to give the skin cells moderate stimulation and effectively help activate cells for metabolism and inner skin.
Item No: 157291576
Photon-Ultrasonic waves skin care machine CE approval Operated by DC adaptor Specification: Resource: DC1.5V, 0.8A Current: 300 mA Ultrasonic waves: 3Mhz Unit size: 17x4.6x5cm Unit weight: 180g, Material: ABS Packing: 1pc/gift box, 20pcs/carton Carton size: 53.5x41x32cm G. W/N. W: 10/12kgs Features: The generator of photon-ultrasonic skin care machine can have 3 million times of micro-amplitude vibration per second. It has the most efficient and secure ultrasonic index among the trade now. As it can reach only 1mm under the skin, so it is more suitable for the skin care around eyes. The high ultrasonic vibration can generate heating function to give the skin cells moderate stimulation and effectively help activate cells for metabolism and inner skin. The irradiation with different wavelength has different effect to skin: The blue light penetrating about 0.5mm has the function of calming and against skin rashes; Suitable for the skin which is sensitive, oily and with skin rashes. It can adjust skin sebum secretion, effectively get rid of acne and whelk to reach the aim of beautification. Besides, the blue light can astringe and tighten the loosened skin. The red light penetrating 8-10mm is suitable for any type of skin; It can reach derma to stimulate fibre cells. Heating can improve blood circulation and collagen albumen hyperplasia to reduce wrinkles and make skin more elastic and smooth. The mild wavelength is suitable for surrounding eyes and forehead. The green light between red light and blue light is suitable for the mixed skin. It can improve the function of alternating use of cells and oxygen and activate the micro-circulation function of body surface. Meanwhile, calming the skin can make both body and skin relax, so to reduce the pain of skin. The colored light accelerates absorbing the effective element of oily nurture. The overlapping function of tri-colored red, green and blue with 3 Mega ultrasonic waves makes skin care more remarkable. The design of the ultrasonic wave generator and photon care generator keeps close to face and around eyes, thus it is easy to operate.
Item No: 15726497
Beauty Pen/ Wrinkle eraser CE approval Operated by one PC battery of 4LR44 4AG13 (included) Current: DC6V Output pressure: 12V Output cycle: 7.5Hz Unit size: 17 x 1.8 x 1.8 cm Size of gift box: 19.3x6.5x3cm Size of carton: 40x33.5x31cm Packing: Gift box, 100PCS/CTN N. W/ G. W.: 11/13kgs HEGF Wrinkle Eraser, utilizing Tsing-Hua University bionic high wave, medium wave and low wave conduction technology, lead the epidermis growth factor_HEGF into the skin directly and release it in the deep layer to promote secretion of the coenzyme and anabolism of collagen and elasticity fibre and thus let the new born cell increasing rapidly it smoothes wrinkle and make it flatter, disappear gradually. It can also eliminate the black socket and eye pouch. Efficiency of the product: A, Obviously removes or minimizes crow's-feet B, Effectively removes pouch and palpebral edema C, Lightens black eye socket, delays the formation of wrinkle D, High, medium and low 3 levels can satisfy the different wrinkle erasing requirements of people in different ages.
Item No: 157234473
Ionic Skin Tender (CE approval) AC100-120V / 220V/ 50/60HZ Power consumption: 280W Certificate: CE approval(LVD) Material: ABS+PP+PET Unit size: 21*13.2*17CM Packing: In a poly bag to a vacuum foam and a color box, 12 pcs/ctn 20'3012 pcs Trait: * Active the hydrophilic factor and replenish warter in skin. *Promote the regeneration of collagen, reduce hair cracks and restore delicate and smooth skin. *Soften the cuticle and improve the absorbency of skin to absorb enough nutrition *Remover metal deposits and weaken pigmented spots so as to maintain your fair-complexioned face. *Kill skin bacteria and suppress acnes, restore the inherent qualities of your skin
Item No: 157223786
CE approval Operated by DC adaptor Resource: DC15V, 0.8A Current: 800mA Ultrasonic waves: 1MHz, Power: Unit size: 18.7X8X6cm Unit weight: 240g, Material: ABS Packing: 1PC/gift box, 20PCS/carton Carton size: 52x36x38cm G. W/N. W: 8/6kgs Features: This product can provide three kinds of therapy. -Ultrasonic therapy -Heat therapy -Micro Current Massager therapy / Electric massage therapy
Product Name: Pore Cleaner
Item No: 15725415
Pore Cleaner With Ergonomically Designed Suction Cup Remove Black Heads W/O hurting your skin With Hard squeezing Additional Design with mirror and pimple pin Operated by 2 AA batteries (not included) Delivery time: 35 days Packing: Individual gift box; 60PCS/CTN Meas.: 45.5x31.5x30.5cm G. W. /N. W.: 10/7.5kgs Functions: -Discover cleaner, cleaner skin in just weeks -Powerful suction without squeezing or pulling skin -Favorite color available: Green, blue, pink -A device to remove blackhead and dirt painlessly -Special design with mirror and pimple removal attachment
Item No: 156594610
Dazzling Ultrasonic beauty Instrument Head movable, Rechargeable Specification: Power source: DV 9V Lithium battery: 7.4V 550MAh Current: 500mA Charging time: 2 hours Unit size: 18.8x 4.6x4.6cm Unit weight: 192 g Color Box: 19 x 17 x 6 cm Material: ABS+PS Packing: 1pc/color box, 42pcs/carton Carton size: 52x43x39 cm G. W/N. W: 7.4/9.5kgs Features: 1. The vibration, as high as 1 million times per second, will increase the penetration of the skin, soften the horny layer, activate the deep cells, speed up blood circulation and the metabolism, and also make your skin elastic and shiny. 2. The high-effective cream cleanser bonding with the positive ions can rapid remove the dirt in the capillary pores, and unclog them by decomposing and expelling the remaining of metabolism and pigmentation from inside to outside... 3. Effective induction of nutrient solutions can go deep into the dermis layer and remove the pock and whitening the skin by repairing the broken fiber there, promoting the cells' absorption of nutrition essence and reproducing cells continuingly. This product is a handheld (rechargeable) facial instrument, integrating ultrasonic, positive and negative ions, featured with innovative design and streamline figure. Its top-class ultrasonic technology brings unprecedented innovation and breakthrough to personalized beautification by virtue of its acoustic vibration which is as high as 1 million times per second. By strengthening the penetration of the skin and absorption of nutrients and essence, the product restores the resilience and brilliance of the skin, and makes you shiny as before.
Item No: 15657854
Magic Beauty Instrument Cleaning your skin with negative ion function Introduce the nutrition of cream with positive ion function Infrared wave length: 3200-3800dB Voltage: 4.5V Current: 15MA Material: ABS+PP+PET Color box size: 31*20*9CM Packing: In a poly bag to a vacuum foam and a color box, 20 pcs/ctn 20'CY: 4520PCS (226CTNS) 40'CY: 9340PCS (467CNTS) 40'HQ: 10940PCS (547CTNS) Trait: Skin type test Clean on deep level Nutrition introduction Increase With the unique super ion releasing technology, it sends the nutrition of the cosmetics into under stratum cells through barrier layer. The cells can fully absorb nutrition with the positive ions, negative ions and infrared interplaying each other. That can accelerate blood circulation, speed up metabolism to recover the activity of the cells, reduce and prevent the wrinkles. The skin will restore its flexibility, luster and activity.
Item No: 15649962
Ionic cleansing-repairing skin care machine CE APPROVAL Specification: Power source: Operated by 4 cells Current: 20 mA Unit size: 10x5.5x4.5cm Unit weight: 49g Material: ABS Packing: 1PC/white box, 80PCS/carton Carton size: 51x23x31cm G. W/N. W: 6/7.5kgs MOQ: 1000PCS Features: Ionic function. The principle of ionic induct-in/induct-out: Stratum Lucidum, the protection layer was formed between Stratum Corneum and Stratum Granulosum. The main function of Stratum Lucidum is to protect skin against damage from the outside environment. However it rejects nutrition entering into skin as well. This is why the normal skin care cream can only achieve very temporary effect as its effective components can not be penetrated into the inner part of skin. Using this machine, it creates a slender electric field between the surface of skin and Stratum Germinativum. Such electric field will weaken the shield function temporarily and make ionized essence enter into the Stratum Germinativum of skin easily and make the stem cell fully absorb the effective nutritious component of essence.
Item No: 1423562589
*Clean function for sterilization and antibiotic The active oxidation components of optical catalytic reaction can 99% kill yellow staphylococcus and 0-157 bacterium, and strengthen resistance capacity of cell. * Massage function with impulse current and infrared Recover the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation, promote dilatation of capillary vessel and accelerate metabolism, and whiten skin. * Nutrient importing function:Skin essence absorption in beauty parlor The mildest impulse current anode (+) and cathode (-) absorb soluble product, relieve melanin, whiten skin, import nutrition * Skin lifting function Slight vibrating massage on points can shrink pore, tighten skin and enhance elasticity
Product Name: Ion Beauty Instrument
Item No: 1423551643
The ultrasonic shakes at the speed of a million times per second, which can directly reach to the depth of the skin and accelerate the movement of cells as well as promote metabolism. With the functions of positive ions, negative ions and infrared, it introduces the nutrition into the basal cells constantly so that the cells resume their activity. In addition, it gets rid of the source of generating fat and wrinkles and let skin resume flexibility and vigor. Ultrasonic Infrared Negative ions Positive ions Ultrasonic + Infrared Positive ions+ Infrared Negative ions + Infrared
Item No: 1423525239
* Output cycle: 8 Hz + 1 Hz * Anion massage by pulse current; * Two different ion sondes targeted to massage of eyes and face; * Dolphin appearance designed, lovely and catering to fashion taste; * conductive pads of wave energy on both sides of massager, convenient for hand grasp, which works as circulation conductor, a must for appliance working * Smooth the crow's -feet on the canthus.Eliminate the pouch and palpebral edema,fade the black eye socket and suspend generating wrinkle; * One button to control massage of different areas; * Wrinkle erasing * Clean (sterilize and resist) * Massage and nutrient importing
Product Name: Skin Expert
Item No: 142347140
It can creates safe micro-current, which can actively clean the skin and bring the nutrition ion the depth of the skin. As a result, the cells can increase activity of the skin quickly and resume the smooth, fair, clear and healthy skin Clean the skin and expel the dirt in the depth of skin quickly, soften cuticle effectively to make skin clean and comfortable. Effectively introduce the nutrition of the cosmetics into the depth of the skin to resume luster and make you feel vigorous. Speed up metabolism, increase the skin flexibility and slow down the aging of skin and wrinkles
Item No: 122323443577
Dissolving tooth whitening strips. Dissolving tooth whitening strips. Our dissolving tooth whitening strips remove surface stains and give a dazzling smile. A 5 day supply of single use packettes are packaged in a matchbook style carton. Carton made from 100% recycled fiber. Breath protection that conveniently fits in your briefcase, purse, or travel bag so it's available when you need it most. Custom imprinted protection will freshen your breath and your business. Minimum Production Time: 10 day(s)
Item No: 122323421578
Chic-Flic Duo Pen ToGo - TO GO teeth whitening system with lip shine plumper. TO GO teeth whitening system with lip shine plumper. The Chic-Flic Duo Pen features both a premium teeth whitening gel and a proprietary lip shine plumper in one stylish casing with white stones, mini LED lights and mirrors built in for easy application. The lip plumper is in a vanilla flavor and goes on very smooth and clear with a blue base for the customers whitest smile. This is the first on its kind in the market offering beauty, convenience, and results. Minimum Production Time: 3 day(s)
Product Name: teeth whitening pen
Item No: 122323352042
Whiter Image ToGo - TO GO teeth whitening pen, incredible value with 60+ applications. TO GO teeth whitening pen, incredible value with 60+ applications. Triple action, stabilized hydrogen peroxide whitening gel supported by hydrators and accelerators designed for results even with sensitive teeth. It has a mint flavor with convenient brush on system with a sleek aluminum casing for use anywhere, anytime. Whitening results are 2 to 4 shades lighter. Minimum Production Time: 3 day(s)
Product Name: Lint Remover
Item No: 5111505116
1) Keep sweaters looking fresh and new 2) Remove pills and fuzzies from sweaters 3) Protected blades rotate to clean off pills safely 4) Removable see-through lint trap lets you see how it works 5) Perfect for home or travel Pcs/Ctn: 40pcs Carton Size: 57x43x32cm
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